11031 Strittmatter Road, Pilot Point, TX 76258US

(405) 207-1151

Fred Thomsson Reining Horses

Boarding and training

Monthly fees

  • Board and train $1050
  • 2 year old training $950
  • Full care stall board $600
  • Full care pasture board $300


Show Fees

  • Day charge $25/day (includes day of departure and day of return) 
  • Hauling fee minimum of $25/day or $0.70/mile 
  • 40% of purse money payable to Fred Thomsson Reining Horses for horses shown by Fred


other services

Also available on site are reproductive services, mare care, foaling out, halter breaking and scheduled lessons. Prices variable. 

All sales that occur while horses are cared for at the ranch will be assessed a ten percent (10%) commission fee.