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Fred Thomsson Reining Horses

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back to the basics

Fred's training program emphasizes softness, suppleness and correctness as the means of developing confidence and balance. An attentive horse readily yielding to pressure is the keystone of building solid patterns and consistent mounts.


For more information, subscribe to Fred's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/fredthomsson or view the videos below. 

Besides bits and training aides, Fred's program centers on the belief that a horse's full potential is only realized by caring for every aspect of a horse's physical and mental well being. By providing first class care in housing, nutrition, farriery, dentistry, and veterinary needs, Fred and team develop athletes only from a solid spring board of physical and mental preparedness. 


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Josefine Spangfors


Colt starter, trainer, assistant plus. Josefine is the daughter of ranch partner, Per Spangfors, and has been an integral part of the team since July 2010. Whenever she is not busy training or showing, Josefine assists with the daily care of resident horses and plays an important supporting role in every aspect of ranch management. Her passion for horses and the well being of all creatures great and small is expressed by the attention to detail and quality of care provided in even the most minute tasks.     

Glen Spradling


Farrier. Glen is well known in the north Texas reining community for his skill in the forge and ability to troubleshoot shoeing related concerns. With over thirty years experience working with elite reiners, Glen has developed a keen eye and mastered modifications able to enhance a horse's natural ability. Glen and Fred routinely collaborate over individuals as they progress through training to ensure each horse is optimally supported at every stage. 

Roger Kelsey


Dentistry. Roger of Rocking K Equine Dentistry works in cooperation with Trailmark Equine Clinic to maintain proper dental health of training horses. More than just removing sharp points, Roger’s three point balance optimizes lateral excursion and ensures uninhibited  rostral-caudal movement, essential functions for appropriate bitting behaviors. Roger was certified by the Academy of Equine Dentistry in 2005, where he returns every year to teach. 

Training Videos

See more Fred Thomsson on his YouTube channel. Click on the link below to subscribe.