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Fred Thomsson Reining Horses

The Ranch

The ranch was purchased from original owner, Candace Jussen, who built the facilities for her quarter horse breeding program. Candace spear headed a tradition of breeding and maintaining world champion horses on the premises, including four time AQHA world champion, Mr GQ, before passing the reins to Fred and his training program. Fred owns the ranch together with his friend and business partner, Per Spangfors of Euro-Vets, Inc in Halmstad, Sweden. 

Boasting sixty two stalls in two barns, 125 by 275 foot indoor arena, carefully tended ground, outdoor, round pen and other amenities, the 50+ acre ranch is a first class facility. 

Fred firmly believes that the best training programs maintain the highest standard of care in all aspects of horse management. This attention to detail and care for quality fosters an environment capable of maximizing each individual's potential. Details such as solid rubber stall mats, pro panel corner feeders and German import waterers, ensure ranch residents are maintained in only the highest of comfort. 

veterinary clinic

The ranch is also home to sports medicine clinic, Trailmark Equine, where Dr. Livingston and staff are dedicated to maintaining resident athletes at peak performance. Using cutting edge diagnostics, horses are routinely screened for poor performance in an effort to identify and treat problems early in the disease process before they become significant injuries. Visit www.trailmarkvet.com for more information on the diagnostic process.